F.A.Q For Author

Q : How do I submit an article to Fitrah: Journal of Educational Studies?

A: To be able to submit articles, you must first register. After registering you must login and click New Submission, then follow the steps. For a more complete guide, please open the page : https://ejournal.stitbima.ac.id/index.php/fitrah/navigationMenu/view/instructions


Q: I have registered, but when I log in I can't find the New Submission menu?

A: it's possible that you forgot to check the Author menu when you registered. To be able to activate it, please contact our admin junaidinmuhaimin@gmail.com   and or WA 085253886292


Q: How do I know the status of my submitted article?

A: To find out the status of the article you submitted, please login and see the status of the article.


Q: Is there a fee to submit/publish articles that is charged to the author?

A: Until now, no fees have been charged to the Author.


Q: Is there a fee for authors who submit articles to Fitrah: Journal of Educational Studies?

A: so far there is none.


Q: Do articles submitted to Fitrah: Journal of Educational Studies get DOI?

A: Yes, and the DOI provided is free of charge (free).


Any other questions, please contact our admin via junaidinmuhaimin@gmail.com  and or WA 085253886292