About the Journal

FITUA: Journal of Islamic Studies is an institutional journal of STIT Sunan Giri Bima which focuses on the publication of field research, literature and conceptual ideas from various scientific and Islamic perspectives. Published on Friday, 06 March 2020 and starting publication on Friday, 03 April 2020. It has ISSN (Print) 2721-186X and E-ISSN (Online) 2721-365X. Published by STIT Sunan Giri Bima which is located at Jl. Sukun Karara No.2 Kelurahan Monggonao Mpunda District Bima City - NTB - Indonesia.

The name FiTUA, comes from the Bima language which means "Sufism", or by ordinary local people, with "fiki tua". The small i in the word FiTUA, is a symbol of humility and human being in the presence of Allah SWT as the creator of everything. Meanwhile, the green, white, and yellow colors on the cover of the journal symbolize the mission of enlightening with Islam. FiTUA is expected to become the leading journal in Kabupaten Bima and Kota Bima, especially in the publication of Islamic studies.

FiTUA journal publishing aims to: 1). This journal was born as an effort to realize the tri dharma of higher education; education, research, and community service, 2). Efforts to present quality publications, 3). Sources of interesting reading, 4). Reference to scientific works with national and international standards and 5). Useful for all groups, especially followers of Islam