FITUA: Journal of Islamic Studies (P-ISSN 2721-186X), (E-ISSN 2721365X) is the journal Institution of the STIT Sunan Giri Bima which discusses field research, libraries and conceptual from various scientific and Islamic topics. Be it Lecturers, Postgraduate Students (masters and doctors), and academics who may require the publication of articles for free or without charge. FiTUA: Journal of Islamic Studies was born to overcome this problem, especially the scope of Islamic studies (Islamic Thought, Islamic Education, Islamic Economics, Islamic Politics, Interpretation and Hadith, Sufism and other Islamic studies. From there, join us! Write and carve history with fast, safe, and indexed responses in Google Scholar, one search, Accademia Edu, Bing, Moraref, and Mendeley

Published: 2020-04-03